The Top 10 Cosmetology Schools in the World

Cosmetology is the study of aesthetics and the use of cosmetic treatments. In this post, you will discover the top cosmetology schools around the globe and everything you need to know about cosmetology.

Cosmetology is a vast field of skills, ranging from cosmetics, skincare, hair styling, and manicures, both temporal and permanent hair removal.

Cosmetology students may specialize in various applications and treatments for beauty or concentrate on a particular subject matter based on their preference. If they are passionate about hairstyling, they can decide to pursue this as a career option and pursue a degree in hairstyling.

They can opt to nail salons for manicures and pedicures if they're attracted to nails. They might decide to try makeup when they're looking to beautify their faces and make them look more attractive.

Based on the expertise and services, the day-to-day tasks you perform can be entirely fluid. The services and work may differ each day, and maybe offered to different people.

This shows that cosmetologists can earn a steady, regular income at an hourly rate because of the extensive services.

The Top 10 Cosmetology Schools in the World

Hairstylists can work during the day and makeup artists at night, and that is just some of the possible applications for their jobs. Many people like choosing cosmetology as a career because of the endless possibilities and earnings.

Some of the cosmetology techniques and services they offer are:


Cosmetologists are renowned for their experience in dealing with hair and the different services they offer to customers regarding their hair. The services they provide include:

  • Haircuts
  • Hairstyling
  • Hair Color
  • Hair Treatments
  • Hair Straightening
  • Updos
  • Shampooing
  • Perms
  • Extensions
  • Chemical Treatments


A cosmetologist could also become a nail expert, offering services on anything associated with nail care. These services include:

  • Manicures 
  • Pedicures
  • Nail design
  • Nail Maintenance
  • Hand Massages


They also get training on caring for the skin and keeping it beautiful and healthy. Specific skin treatments that licensed cosmetologists can give up are:

  • Makeup
  • Facials 
  • Body Waxing
  • Facial Waxing and other things

These are just a few of the services a cosmetologist may provide and earn a steady income, making cosmetology a profitable field to pursue today.

Which Country is the Best for Cosmetology?

There are various Universities and various countries that stand out regarding cosmetology.

These countries also house some of the best cosmetology schools in the world for studying cosmetology as a course and deliver valid certificates on completion of this course which can be used anywhere in the world to get a good-paying job and make maximum income using their skills in cosmetology.

A list of the top countries that have the Top Cosmetology Schools across the World

  1. United States
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Canada
  4. Germany
  5. France
  6. Italy
  7. Greece
  8. New Zealand
  9. South-Africa
  10. Finland
  11. Australia

Certain countries have taken cosmetology classes and studied it, and the highest earnings are generated from these well-sorted abilities.

Why Should Students Study Cosmetology?

Students must be involved in cosmetology since we all know that being a professional doesn't require having a range of skills but no expertise in them. Cosmetology requires a lot of expertise and attention to detail; you should attend the most prestigious cosmetology colleges worldwide, and majoring in cosmetology a degree is worth the effort.

The most reputable cosmetology colleges all over the World can help to train and develop anyone who decides to pursue a career in cosmetology. They will also help teach that knowledge to students as they take on the process of learning in their institutions.

Cosmetology certification also can go a long way in helping the certification holders stand a good chance in the job market. It is necessary to obtain authorization to use specific skills acquired as a cosmetologist.

This is also a self-fulfilling course for those who enjoy working and offering their time and talents to others. Making other people look beautiful and flawless can be fulfilling to the fullest extent, which is an excellent benefit for a professional in cosmetology.

What Is The Highest Degree In Cosmetology?

The most advanced degree in cosmetology can be obtained through a 2-year associate course which is not required to study for the Ph.D. degree. The program is required following initial studies within the discipline.

It is taught by specialized schools that are among the top cosmetology schools around the World that offer cosmetology classes all over the World.

A pre-requisite to the associate diploma in cosmetology is the completion of other diplomas or degree programs that have already been completed. They include:

A high school diploma or something similar

Hands-on salon practice for some time, including some areas like hair styling, nail designs, manicures and pedicures, and beautifying the face(makeup)

And general business knowledge.

Some popular career options after studies in cosmetology include:

  • Hair Stylists
  • Makeup Artists
  • Nail Designers
  • Spa Owners
  • Salon Owners

Based on statistics, it has been established that the opportunities in cosmetology have a great chance to grow, creating more work fields for cosmetologists.

As per the BLS Bureau of Labor Statistics BLS, the median salary of a cosmetologist stated two years ago was $26,090. This is a fair amount for cosmetologists all over the World.

But, as beauty is a constant requirement in the modern world, the economic downturns do not impact the field of work since the services offered are constantly demanded by people of both upper and the less privileged of society.

This is an excellent opportunity to work all year for those involved in the beauty industry.

In this regard, cosmetologists must attain a minimum age of 16 and have at least a high school degree to become licensed and hold an active license.

Students must also complete an approved state-approved program of training. In some instances, it is a written test, or in some cases, the test of practical skills is an additional part of the exam.

Thus, since Cosmetology isn't a subject with the highest grade on the Ph.D. degree, prospective cosmetologists must consider that an associate's degree is sufficient for this field of work.

Universities and community colleges, as well as private schools, offer cosmetology programs. They are among the top cosmetology schools in the World. They can provide their students with valid certifications that can be used to practice as an authorized cosmetologist.

How Do I Become A Cosmetologist?

Cosmetology is an area of research that involves interaction with clients and people. It requires patience and attentiveness from the cosmetologist clients to provide high-quality work as requested by the client.

Cosmetologists must be current with the latest trends and techniques in their field of work.

Since some of these positions require hourly hours during the week and on weekends, cosmetologists might decide to arrange their time and schedules to match their schedules and still be productive.

Because cosmetology degrees include associate degrees, participants can complete their degrees based on their study hours and earn an official certificate.

This will allow them to obtain an appropriate license to affirm that they have chosen to apply their talents and profession. It is also crucial to recognize that an internship in this field of study and job is beneficial.

It can assist students who want to gain hands-on experience within their specific cosmetology field or any other subject they're interested in.

Admission to Study Cosmetology Courses

Before they can be accepted to study cosmetology at the most prestigious cosmetology colleges globally, including colleges and universities, students need to have graduated from high school or have a GED.

Specific courses and other fields or cosmetology majors may require additional degrees based on the student's preference. Furthermore, different institutions and colleges will have their test requirements, so it is essential to keep this in mind while studying cosmetology at different schools.

What is the Highest-Paying Cosmetology Job?

With a high rate of success for cosmetology jobs, this field of work has been proven to be stable for students and professionals of cosmetology. The earnings and income range from $4600 to $27,700, and the amount can fluctuate dependent on the level of education that a cosmetologist has.

Careers in cosmetology can vary according to the area of cosmetology studies students or future employees decide to pursue. The highest-paying cosmetology professions and their pay rates are as follows:

  • Makeup Artists earn an average of $70,000
  • Skincare Workers, who earn an average of about $35,000
  • Barbers earn an average of more than $33,000.
  • Nail Designers and hairstylists earn an average income of more than $30,000

A cosmetologist that focuses on beautifying the face, i.e., makeup artists, makes more from this type of work. Keep in mind that these earnings only depend on the individual's qualifications or certifications earned during study at the most prestigious cosmetology colleges all over the World.

How to Identify the Best Cosmetology Schools in the World

Certain factors determine the top cosmetology schools around the World and a top school or university to study cosmetology. These can be anything from the quality of accreditation for the university to the school's flexibility in its teaching methods and practical applications to their students.

Other aspects could include financial aid to prospective students, physical and virtual classrooms, and a few other essential requirements.

Best Cosmetology Schools in the World

Some numerous institutions and colleges offer cosmetology classes. These institutions are among the top cosmetology schools worldwide that provide legitimate and valid certificates after completing studies.

. London School of Beauty and Makeup

London School of Beauty and Makeup was established in the year 1995. They are an expert school for makeup and beauty. They offer flexible classes all year long and students who come from all around the globe. It is essential to know that tuition, courses, and fees are entirely offered free to applicants or students aged between 16 and 18 years old.

Tuition: £12,300-12,000

. Australian College of Hair Design and Beauty

Australian College of Hair Design and Beauty is an institute that focuses on providing students with hands-on experience in their student hair salons and beauty salon. This provides real-world experience to their instruction.

Instruction: Fees vary depending on the type of cosmetology study

. Canadian Beauty College

Canadian Beauty College is a high-quality university located in Canada dedicated to providing students with the best education and even non-vocational certificates. They accept students from across the globe.

Tuition: Fees vary depending on the cosmetology line of study

. New Zealand Institute of Electrolysis and Beauty Therapy

New Zealand Institute of Electrolysis and Beauty Therapy is an institute that provides the latest methods of working and utilizes the latest technology for its cosmetology researchers and students.

Tuition: $17,085 (plus Compulsory Course fee of $2,209)

. Australian National College of Beauty

The goal of the college is to educate students to be able to deal with all aspects of daily life in the ever-changing beauty industry and beyond; the Australian National College of Beauty utilizes the most effective strategies and equipment, and instructors to reach this goal.

Tuition: Fees vary depending on the cosmetology line of study

. Aveda Group of Institutes

Aveda Group of Institutes is an institute that remains dedicated to producing the top beauty and cosmetologists around the globe the present. With many fields of cosmetology concentrating on high-quality learning and high-quality education, the Aveda Group of Institutes is one of the top cosmetology schools.

Tuition: $24,474

. International Academy for Health & Skin Care, South Africa

With continuous growth and growth, International Academy for Health & Skin Care, South Africa, is now an internationally renowned cosmetology school across the globe. They offer services to both international and local students and are a top cosmetology school.

Tuition: Fees vary depending on the type of cosmetology study

. Pensacola State College

With their profound studies into cosmetology and their hours of learning all year long, The Pensacola State College is the best choice for cosmetology students around the World because they provide high-quality education and authentic certifications to their students.

Tuition: $9471

. Snow College

Training is hands-on and includes salons and beauty shops. Snow College is an ideal college for learning cosmetology across various areas. It provides students with real-world experience and helps prepare them for work in the real world.

Tuition: Fees vary depending on the cosmetology line of study

. Empire Beauty School

Offering more than 80 years of cosmetology training, Empire Beauty School is the ideal school to study cosmetology for anyone who wants to become a cosmetologist or beauty therapist. They provide a wide range of knowledge in their curriculum and aid students in learning effectively by utilizing class and practice.

Tuition: $16,200

These are the top schools and colleges where students can study in-depth in any field or branch of cosmetology that they want to learn and earn a valid diploma after completing their studies.

Cosmetology is a vast field of knowledge, and due to the ever-growing demand for beauty, it's increased in value for those in this field of work. The potential for continued expansion over time is very potential.

By studying at the most prestigious cosmetology colleges worldwide, anyone can be certified as a cosmetologist.