Agricultural Job Opportunities Made Simple in Canada

Canada is among the nations that do not boast of its substantial agriculture-related workforce, which is because most of its population did not choose farming as a source of income. 

This has increased the demand for job opportunities in agriculture for foreign workers willing to take advantage of these job opportunities.

According to the information obtained from sources such as the Canadian Immigration Department, Foreigners with a low level of skill in agriculture who are interested in agricultural jobs can apply for the many vacant positions in the agriculture department.

Agricultural Job Opportunities Made Simple in Canada

Here are some available jobs for foreigners looking to work in Canada. Canadian Agricultural Industry:

Applicant Profile:

Job Type

Agricultural Sector

Job Location


Eligible Nationalities

All Countries

Minimum Educational Qualification

Secondary / High School Certificate

Working Experience 

Experienced and New Farmers

Minimum Wage


Employee Benefits

Available based on package

Available Farming Job Types In Canada

Fruit Picker

Cattle Ranch Laborer

Poultry Farm Worker

Beef Cattle Farm Worker

Dairy Farm Worker

General Farm Worker

Farm Machinery Operator

Hatchery Operator

Vegetable Farm Worker

Harvester Machine Operator

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How To Find And Apply For Available Farm Jobs In Canada

Many people believe that farming is only for peasants who want to spend their days working in scorching heat with little pay and isn't a career opportunity for the modern-day worker, but this isn't the case as farming is a vital and highly advanced occupation that comes with a variety of machinery that assist in alleviating stress on farmers and increasing productivity.

Canada is a highly technological country that has a wide array of agricultural equipment available to foreigners who are interested in joining the farm sector.

Anyone looking for work in agriculture opportunities in Canada can quickly locate the jobs and submit applications through Canadian Job Bank.

To find a list of jobs in agriculture. Alternately, you can return to this page by bookmarking our site to get an always-updated list of available farm labor positions in Canada.

How Much Do Foreigners Earn As Farm Workers In Canada?

Many factors determine the amount you earn as a farmer in Canada. A few of them are;

  • Sort of farm job.
  • Contract with the employer.
  • Working hours
  • experience.

The minimum salary for workers employed in the Canadian agriculture industry can be $18.50 per hour. So If you choose to work for eight hours per day, you'll make $148 per day, that's about $740 weekly (excluding Saturdays and Sundays) and $2,960 per month, and $35,520 yearly.