University of Queensland Law Scholarships for International Students

The University of Queensland (UQ) offers a variety of scholarship opportunities to international students. 

The scholarships are available for postgraduate, undergraduate and doctoral students at the university. 

UQ also provides a range of scholarships specifically designed for international students studying law.

The scholarships are offered to students across the globe, and they will cover tuition and expenses for living. 

If you're keen to pursue a law degree at UQ, investigate our scholarship options and submit your application early!

University of Queensland Law Scholarships for International Students

About the University of Queensland Law School

TC Beirne Law School of the University of Queensland was founded in 1936 and is the most prestigious law school in Queensland, the Australian state in Queensland. 

It is also the sixth-oldest of the 32 law faculties located in Australia. Its students include two judges hailing from Australia.

In essence, TC Beirne School of Law helps by bringing together top scholars from across the world and distinguished alumni and professionals. 

This is to give students the most comprehensive legal education that can aid them in their preparation for a wide range of careers available in Australia and internationally.

The longest-running law school in Queensland The TC Beirne Law School has an extensive and long-running background and has produced the top legal professionals throughout Australia. 

The school aims to earn the trust of national and international authorities as one of the leading legal institutions in Australia through conducting research and educating students and social responsibility.

Do you have a thought? Are you certain that you've made the right choice? University of Queensland Law School is the best option for you? It's the only way to make a decision. 

If you decide to go to this University of Queensland Law School, you'll be part of a remarkably friendly community on the cutting edge of teaching and research across the globe.

University of Queensland Law Scholarships Description

University of Queensland Law School provides international students with scholarships. 

In essence, they're looking to pursue any of their bachelor's degree programmes (undergraduate bachelor of Laws (Honours)/(LLB (Hons)) or dual degree programs that comprise some of these degrees (e.g. LLB (Hons). 

This is why they advise students who have a high academic performance for admission.

Students also need to submit a separate application for international UQ admission to be eligible for an advanced master's degree (with particular distinct) or double degree program.

Additionally, they provide two legal scholarships to students from abroad. The first award will cover 25 per cent of tuition fees, while the second will pay 50 per cent of tuition costs.

It is intended to be used in conjunction with LAWS classes which comprise the program for law enforcement. The scholarships don't cover the costs for living expenses, travelling and medical insurance abroad or fees for facilities or services for students.

Level of Study for Law Scholarships at the University of Queensland in 2022

The University of Queensland Law Scholarship is specifically designed for international undergraduate students. There are additional scholarships for Master's students.

University of Queensland Law Scholarships Worth 2022

They currently provide two scholarships per year, based on the advice of the Head of the department.

The worth that the scholar receives is

  • One Scholarship can be used to pay half the tuition cost for classes that have been granted to an LLB (Hons) as part of an approved program each semester during the period of completion of your degree.
  • A second scholarship will pay 25% of the tuition cost for classes that must become accredited as an LLB (Hons) component of the program approved by the institution each semester for the duration that the course is.
  • The scholarships do not provide for living expenses, travel and insurance for health care in foreign countries, and fees for Facilities and Services for Students Costs. They plan to pay tuition in two equal instalments (one during the initial semester and another at the end of the term).

What are the Eligibility Criteria for the Law Scholarships for International Students 2022?

The candidate who is eligible to receive this Scholarship is the person who applies:

  • Students from overseas have applied for the Law degree but haven't begun their studies at UQ.
  • The application is submitted according to the deadline, in the format specified by the Head.
  • Students shouldn't receive the same scholarships at the same time.
  • It isn't a part of any other studies that the Head has found equivalent.

Selection Process for the University of Queensland Law Scholarships 2022

The Head will establish a Scholarship Committee consisting of:

  1. The Head of the committee, or nominee, as chair of the committee, and
  2. Chairperson TC Beirne School of Law Teaching & Learning Committee or nominee
  3. Another employee is employed by another employee of TC Beirne School of Law.

The Scholarship is awarded to the student who has demonstrated the greatest merits, as shown by:

  1. academic achievements, academic accomplishments and
  2. references, as well as
  3. the applicant's motivation to pursue a degree and engage in the area of law and
  4. any other issue may be deemed relevant by The Scholarship Committee considers appropriate.

Conditions for Scholarship

The Scholarship award is contingent upon the recipient completing any course approved by The University of Queensland.

The winner can be given an award dependent on:

staying enrolled in the Approved Program while enrolled within one of the Approved Program

reaching a minimum GPA of 4.5 in their classes that can be applied for the LLB(Hons) as part of a degree program which has been approved every year that the Scholarship is available and

Do not qualify for another scholarship that is identical to the view of the Head.

When a student does not comply with the preceding rule, the student must provide the Director of the institution with the reason why the award cannot be suspended or revoked.

How to Apply for the Law Scholarships for International Students 2022?

To apply for a spot, applicants need to fill out an application for the chance to study at UQ.

Once you have an existing application with UQ or have received an offer, you can apply for a scholarship by completing an application form together with the following supporting documentation to

Transcript of official academic year or semester

  • An individual statement that describes your reasons for wanting to explore a career in law.
  • Two reference letters
  • The evidence to prove English proficiency (e.g. IELTS)
  • Resume/CV.


  • Incomplete or late applications for scholarships will not be considered.
  • The Scholarship Committee will meet as quickly as possible following the deadline. Applicants are informed about outcomes by writing.
  • The offer of a scholarship is contingent on the approval of the applicant's participation in an authorized program provided through The University of Queensland.

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Scholarship Rules

Law Scholarships for International Students Deadline

The Scholarship is available to students who begin semester one or semester 2. Students who qualify for this Scholarship should apply before the deadline—students who start the first semester. The deadline for the first semester is October 30. For students who start in semester 2, the deadline is May 15.


International law scholarships can be a fantastic option to continue your studies and get an edge over other students.

Be sure to apply for as many scholarships as possible since they can make an enormous difference to the amount you receive in your final Scholarship.