Scholarships in Norway without IELTS (2022-2023)

Students from all over the world who would like to further their education in Norway can apply for numerous scholarships at no cost. 

Norway is located in the middle of Europe and is the perfect destination for students from abroad. Scholarships offered in Norway that do not require IELTS make Norwegian public universities attractive for graduates from overseas who want to attend Norway's universities at no cost. 

This is because Norway's public institutions of education offer education for free. In Norway, the Ministry of Education and Research is the sole responsible party for the costs associated with education for any national or international student.

Norway is a European country with many a long history and a diverse culture. Norway is still classified as having the fourth-highest per-capita income globally, despite its strength and proud history. 

In addition, Norway's assets include oil and additional natural resources. Norway is among the most sought-after destinations for international students due to its security standards and academic excellence. Admission to Norwegian universities isn't tricky. 

Several Norway institutions do not require the IELTS test to be taken by their applicants. There are several methods and ways you can learn in Norway without passing the IELTS test.

Scholarships in Norway without IELTS

The Norwegian education system provides scholarships for students worldwide seeking master's, bachelors and doctoral degrees. International students have the opportunity to complete their studies with a scholarship within Europe without having to pass IELTS OR TOEFL or any other test of proficiency in English. 

Candidates must follow specific procedures to be eligible for no-cost education within Norway and without IELTS. Norway is an ideal destination to study if you want to explore the many aspects of European cultural heritage and receive the most excellent education.

Scholarships in Norway without IELTS 2022-2023. Summary:

Scholarship Host Country: Norway

Degree Level: Undergraduate, Masters, and PhD

Host Universities: Norway Universities

Eligibility: National and International Students

These institutions provide free tuition in Norway:

List of Norway's Best University Scholarships

There is a broad range of scholarship opportunities offered by the following organisations:

  1. University of Stavanger Scholarships 
  2. BI Norwegian Business School Scholarships 
  3. NTNU Scholarships 
  4. NORAM Scholarship 
  5. Sons of Norway Student Residence Permit
  6. University of Oslo Scholarships 
  7. Nord University Postdoctoral Fellowship 
  8. Oslo Metropolitan University Scholarships 
  9. Norwegian University of Life Sciences 
  10. Lakselaget Foundation Scholarship 
  11. Leiv Eriksson mobility program 
  12. Erasmus+ Program 
  13. Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Scholarships 
  14. University of Bergen 
  15. Norwegian- Russian Scholarship Scheme 
  16. University of Oslo 
  17. High North Fellowship Program 

How do you get exempted from taking IELTS or TOEFL?

If you have completed your final course in English, IELTS or TOEFL exemption may be granted. Candidates must present an English Proficiency Certificate issued by the institution they attended at home.

What's the procedure to get admission to Norway universities?

  • Candidates must look through the list of publicly-funded Norwegian institutes or universities to find the course or institute they wish to study.
  • To be eligible to be exempt from IELTS OR TOEFL test, students need to provide evidence that they were able to complete their undergraduate and graduate studies in English.
  • Candidates must present an original English Proficiency Certificate from their home institution (where they received their degree).
  • Many universities conduct online interviews in English and test applicants' English Language Proficiency during the interview process.
  • Different institutes have various qualifications, so be sure you check the eligibility conditions of the institute to which you're applying.