10 Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Sweden 2022

Finding visa sponsorship opportunities in Sweden is often tricky but rewarding. There are high standards, and competition is fierce. 

However, the work culture is amiable, collaborative and welcoming and pay rates are impressive.

In the article, we'll look at ways to obtain visa sponsorship jobs in Sweden, How you can apply to visa sponsorship positions in Sweden, Where to search for jobs that require visa sponsorship in Sweden, and the visa sponsorship opportunities in Sweden.

10 Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Sweden 2022

How can I get a Job as a Foreigner in Sweden?

If you're a resident of a nation outside the EU and generally want to work in Sweden, you'll need a work permit.

The fastest and most convenient method to apply for work permits is to apply online. Applications submitted online direct through to Swedish Migration Agency and are prioritized.

Many websites can be used to find job opportunities that are open to foreigners living in Sweden.

Here are the top job search sites to find jobs in Sweden:

  • Indeed.com
  • Metro Jobb
  • Facebook groups

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Are There Jobs in Sweden for Foreigners?

Every year Sweden issues a job shortages list. These are usually in high-skilled positions in teaching, engineering, or the IT sector.

Foreigners considering going to Sweden should look through the list and see whether their chosen profession is included in the ones listed. 

The jobs listed on this list are generally essential that immigrants do not require a high level of proficiency in Swedish to be eligible.

Some of the occupations on the 2019 list include:


✔️Senior high school teacher

✔️mechanical, civil, as well as electrical engineers


✔️Teachers of vocational education

✔️Software and System Developers

✔️Doctors, dentists and nurses

✔️University professors

Find a Business willing to Sponsor the cost of your Visa in Sweden

To get the sponsorship needed to obtain a work visa for work in Sweden, You will need to find an employer that will hire you.

To do that, you need to look for suitable jobs for work in Sweden. If you discover an employer willing to hire you, the employer has to seek approval from the Swedish government to hire an international worker.

After approval from the Swedish Government is granted, the employer will mail you an offer of employment used to obtain a work permit and visa that allows you to travel to Sweden to work and remain in Sweden.

To achieve this, your degree needs to be recognized by the Swedish Government as equivalent to their qualification.

The StackOverflow Job Board is a great place to look for positions at companies willing to assist you in submitting your Visa application.

Top 10 High in Demand Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Sweden

  1. Specialist in desktop support
  2. Controls technician
  3. Maintenance technician
  4. Project coordinator
  5. Technician from Helpdesk
  6. Analyst for development
  7. HR operations Association
  8. Analysts in Customer Support
  9. Paralegals for business immigration
  10. Cyber security trainee

We discussed visa sponsorship opportunities in Sweden, How to apply and how to get the visa sponsorship opportunities in Sweden.