Top 20 Masters Scholarships for Marketing Students

We've gathered all the necessary information to be aware of to apply for a Masters's Scholarship for Marketing Students.

Do you have a bachelor's degree in marketing and are looking for financial aid to further your studies? We've compiled the best twenty Masters's Scholarships for students in Marketing.

Spend some time reading this article about Master's Marketing Scholarships. Students. It's worth the time.

Based on the research results, here's a list of the top 20 master's awards for marketing students.

Top 20 Masters Scholarships for Marketing Students

1. Student Scholarship Program

The scholarship is given to members of the Business Marketing Association (BMA).

It's also one of the Master's marketing scholarships.

Graduate students at higher learning institutions in Colorado study marketing or business journalism, advertising journalism or communications. This award amounts to $1000.

2. DAAD Scholarships in Germany for Development-Related Postgraduate Courses

The DAAD award is available to international students for masters and doctoral degrees at any German institution connected to community growth.

It's also one of the Master's marketing scholarships.

It's worth 750 euro and is a contribution to the medical or accident liability insurance and travel allowance unless the costs are borne from the origin or by another source of funding in the course of the study.

3. Ghent University Top-Up Grants for International Students in Belgium

The scholarship is available to students from countries in the developing world who wish to earn an English master's degree at Ghent University, Belgium.

It's also one of the Master's awards for Marketing Students.

The grant amount is one hundred and fifty euros per calendar month. It is an all-in-one insurance plan that covers health insurance, civil liability, and repatriation.

Every study program selects the top three students to be awarded the scholarship. There is no application needed. Scholarship information

4. VLIR-UOS Training and Masters Scholarships

The VLIR UOS offers scholarships to students in select emerging nations in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. They wish to pursue a Master's or training development-related courses at any institution located in Belgium.

It's also one of the Master's awards for Marketing Students.

The award is for the fee for tuition, the allowance for lodging, travel expenses, and other related expenses to the program.

5. Aga Khan Scholarship

The scholarship is available to member-state students who have joined Aga Khan.

It is offered to students enrolled in Masters and PhD degrees and among the Masters' marketing scholarships.

The scholarship is determined according to an individual-to-individual basis.

It is accessible to students from all fields of study and all areas taught at the institution you choose.

6. British Chevening Scholarships

Chevening Scholarships Chevening Scholarships are one of the UK government's global programmes for scholarships awarded to students with leadership potential.

The award is valid for one year during the Master's program.

It's well worth the tuition, the living allowance set, the return flight for economy class in the UK, and a few other assistances to pay for the essential costs.

7. Japan / World Bank Scholarship Program

The fund offers scholarships to students from countries needing between 1 and 2 years of Master's degrees.

Amount of award calculated by an individual.

The award is open to students working towards Master's degrees in any discipline and from any college.

8. ETH Zurich Excellence Masters Scholarships

Financial aid is available for students enrolled in ETH Zurich in Switzerland for Master's, bachelors and doctoral degrees.

The money is comparable to tuition exemptions and CHF 6.000 per semester (a part of the allowance for living and studying expenses).

Students are advised to seek additional financial assistance to cover the cost of their studies.

9. Bocconi Merit and International Awards

The scholarship is available to international students who have an outstanding academic record and are pursuing Master's degrees at Bocconi university in Milan.

It's also one of the Masters awards for Marketing Students.

The award will be worth 13000 Euros every year of study. Official Scholarship link:

10. Rob Branham Scholarship

The Advertising Club of Connecticut provides this service to students who have been accepted into an approved technical, university, or trade school.

Students must pursue a degree in advertising, marketing, broadcast media, and printing production.

Students must also be sponsored by a person who is an active participant in the Advertising Club oF Connecticut.

The amount of awards due on April 26th varies depending on several factors.

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11. Direct Marketing Educational Foundation (DMEF) Scholarship Awards

The award is made via the DMEF and is available to undergraduate and graduate students who wish to pursue the field of direct or interactive marketing.

It's also one of the Masters marketing scholarships.

The award recipients are chosen according to their academic records and evidence of an interest in the subject. The award is valued at 3000.

12. OFID Scholarship Award for International Students

It is accessible to students from all over the world.

The tuition is all-inclusive and includes one round-trip flight from your home country to the school, along with any the cost of additional expenses and costs.

13. Lagrant Foundation scholarship for graduate students

The award is open to students enrolled full-time in graduate study at an accredited institution and studying in a subject that is eligible for the prize (advertising marketing, communications, as well as marketing. ).

The award is worth $5,000.

14. Civil Society Leadership Awards

This includes a fully-funded master's course designed for students with a solid academic record and a determination to make positive social change in their communities.

It includes tuition, an income stipend for living, accommodation, insurance and any additional charges.

15. Heinrich Boll Scholarships in Germany for International Students

It is available to international students pursuing their PhD or Master's degrees at any institute located in Germany.

The amount is 850 euros per month for students from abroad to pursue Master's degrees and tuition waivers during their studies.

16. Commonwealth Shared Scholarship Scheme at UK Universities

The charity offers grants to Master's degree holders within the UK for students from countries in need.

It's worth the costs of tuition, fees for exams, round-trip airfare allowance for warm clothes in winter, stipends, study travel grants, and extra baggage assistance.

17. David Hoods Memorial Scholarship

David Hoods Memorial Scholarship is intended for graduate students looking for a career in electronic document communications, particularly students studying marketing or communications.

The prize will be 2000 dollars.

18. UEA International Development Scholarships for International Students

It offers international students the opportunity to study for Master's degrees.

The School of International Development and the University of East Anglia in the UK. The scholarship covers the entire tuition cost.

19. University of Bradford Global Development Scholarships

The scholarship is open to international students pursuing Master's degree studies at Bradford University.

University of Bradford, United Kingdom.

The prize is worth 25 000 euros and includes full accommodation and complete tuition.

20. ASTA Scholarship

ASTA Scholarship is granted by the American Society of Travel Agents. It is available only to marketing students who want to pursue jobs in the travel industry.

They are currently in graduate school and have an outstanding academic performance, and the scholarships range from $2,500 to $2,500.


If you're looking for an award to help you get into the field of marketing and management, the 20 Masters Scholarships for Marketing students listed above is a great place to begin.

With all the opportunities to choose from, one is bound to meet your requirements. Therefore, start applying now.