15 of the Easiest Fiverr Jobs Anyone Can Do to Make Money

Fiverr is an excellent platform for freelancers to make extra income. No matter your skills, you can use the platform to maximize your profits. 

Below is a list of 15 Fiverr jobs you should consider if you want to make extra money.

15 of the Easiest Fiverr Jobs Anyone Can Do to Make Money

1-Branding Services

People are always looking for ideas for business names. You can advertise on Fiverr for branding services, and many websites can generate business or company names for free. Namelix and Business Name Generator are two websites that you may want to use to complete this task.

2-Background Removal

Background removal might seem complex and requires special skills; however, it is possible to do this with different software and apps. To remove background images, you can use "Burner Bonanza," which allows you to click a button and assist people in need.

3-Ebook Editing and fine conversion

Many people require their ebooks to be edited and formatted correctly, and they often search the freelancing website for such services. With the right software, it is easy to accomplish this task. Caliber is free to edit ebooks. It should be simple to learn, even if this is your first time doing it.

4-Data entry

This is a tremendous Fiverr gig if you're a quick typer and have an eye for detail, and it will allow you to make extra money while you're at it. Google Sheets can be used for data entry and are easy to use and free.

5-Digital Presentation

Many clients need digital presentation designs. This software is easy to learn without previous experience and perfect for those who enjoy creativity. Slides Carnival and Google Slides are two examples of software you could use. Click here to find out more.


YouTube makes it easy to add subtitles to your videos. Upload the video to YouTube, then download the subtitles automatically generated video. The video can then be removed immediately! These Fiverr gigs can be obtained with minimal effort.

7-YouTube Outro and Intro Clips

Many people are looking for help with their intros and outro clips. You can post it as a gig on Fiverr. It's a great job and a lot of fun. Panzoid has many templates you can use, so even if you don't have any experience with this type of thing, you can still get the help you need.


It is as easy as listening to the audio file and then typing what you hear. But it becomes much more straightforward with a handy tool. Google Docs offers a voice-to-text feature that lets you get all audio in one place. This can be edited to meet the client's needs, and you can get the job done.

Transcription is one of the most popular Fiverr gigs

You probably know something about Fiverr's selling platform and that transcription services are in high demand. The need for transcription services is increasing as more businesses create websites, podcasts, and Youtube channels. This is a fantastic opportunity, even if you are a new Fiverr seller.

9-Planning and Travel Advice

Although it may sound odd, many Fiverr clients want advice on travel and someone to help them plan their trip. This could be the job for you if you love planning. Many online resources can help, and Google Maps and Google My Travel could be extremely helpful.

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10-Short Video Ads

It doesn't matter if you are an experienced ad maker or not. There is plenty of demand for freelance work online, and this job can be done using free tools such as Videezy or Hit Film Express.

11-Social Media Ads and Posts

Social media is a great way to make big money, but many brands don't have the time or the resources to create their posts and ads. You don't need to spend much time, mainly if Crello or Canva are used to your advantage.

12-Photo Retouching

Many people need retouched photos, and you don't have to be a professional. You have many options to achieve excellent results with software, including Photopea. You can save even more money if you already subscribe to Photoshop.

13-Testing Web Sites

You can find testing sites from which you can make money, and clients offer these types of jobs through Fiverr. This is usually an easy process that involves websites to help you find bugs and give feedback.

14-Distributing Flyers

Flyer distribution in the flesh is excellent for someone looking for a more physically demanding job, and it could be available in many different locations. Although it may take more time than other Fiverr gigs, it is still a great exercise and can be done by anyone.

15-phone calls

This could be an excellent opportunity for someone confident speaking on the phone and can handle sales calls for other companies. You can find many people posting jobs for phone calls on Fiverr.

You now know the most accessible Fiverr gigs. What are you waiting for?! Register now to get started. Look around, find the jobs you like, and then go!