Fellowships for Postdoctoral Research in Helen Hay Whitney in 2023

You can pursue studies in the USA. This is a great thing! Helen Hay Whitney Scholarships are available. 

This article will discuss the benefits of this award and the step-by-step application process.

Helen Hay Whitney Postdoctoral Fellowships Research is an awarding scholarship for postdoctoral students from all across the globe. 

The scholarship covers the expense of financial aid that can reach $60,000 annually.

Helen Hay Whitney Fellowship invite international students to pursue a postdoctoral doctoral degree in 2023. The award will cover the needed financial aid, which can reach $60,000 annually.

Helen Hay Whitney Fellowships are offered to international students seeking postdoctoral studies within USA universities. The Foundation provides sufficient funding to support students' careers in biomedical or biological research, boosting the number of experienced, highly skilled and dedicated medical researchers.

The Helen Hay Whitney fellowship competition is highly competitive, and just 5 per cent of the applicants are chosen. We'd like to let you know that Foundation cannot criticize preliminary proposals due to the number of applications received.

Fellowships for Postdoctoral Research in Helen Hay Whitney in 2023

Helen Hay Whitney Fellowships for Postdoctoral Research Summary

  • Level of Study: Postdoctoral
  • Institution(s): Helen Hay Whitney Foundation
  • Learn in the United States
  • Course Offered: Biomedical Sciences
  • Program Time:3 years
  • Deadline: June 15, 2022, 5:00pm EST.

Scholarship Coverage

Helen Hay Whitney Fellowships offer recipients the following benefits:

The Foundation will offer money to cover the cost of travel to the fellowship site after it is established. Fellowship is activated as a fellowship, and this will be for the Fellow as well as family members.

  1. The Foundation also covers travel expenses associated with Annual Fellows' Meetings in November.
  2. There is an allocation for dependent children of $1500 per child.
  3. The payment isn't meant to transport household items.
  4. The current allowance, in addition to the allowance to cover expenses, is:
  5. Stipend Research Allowance
  6. 1st Year $54,000
  7. $1,500
  8. 2nd Year $57,000
  9. $1,500
  10. 3rd Year $60,000 $1,500

Eligibility Criteria for Helen Hay Whitney Fellowships

For eligibility for Helen Hay Whitney fellowships, the applicant must satisfy the criteria outlined in the order listed below:

  • Required Language: English
  • Eligible Countries: All World Countries.
  • Note: If you are a non-native of a nation (including areas of conflict), You must have a residency permit in the place of residence and have the right to work in the state of the fellowship you're applying to.
  • Candidates who have or are currently pursuing a PhD, M.D. or equivalent degree and are looking to begin postdoctoral studies in fundamental biomedical research.
  • Candidates who do not possess more than one calendar year of experience in postdoctoral studies before the deadline for applications and who have been given a PhD (or D.Phil. or equivalent) degree that is less than two years before the deadline date, as well as having an M.D. degree that is not extended more than three years before the date on which the license expires.
  • The fellowships are given to foreigners who conduct research in laboratories located within the U.S. only. It is expected that most applicants will reside in North America at the time of their application.
  • The Foundation will not consider applicants who plan to remain throughout the fellowship in the laboratory in which they've completed substantial predoctoral or postdoctoral training. The fellowship program is designed to increase postdoctoral training and experience, and a significant change of place is highly recommended.
  • International students need to obtain proper visa documentation following U.S. immigration.
  • Personnel education in the clinical houses is not classified as "postdoctoral laboratory training.".
  • Scientists with a career or advanced fellowships will not be considered. The companies are designed to be used by postdoctoral trainees who are just beginning their studies.
  • An Annual Conference, lasting for two days and including Fellows, is held every year in November, and every Third-year Fellow is expected to present results from their studies. This is a vital aspect of the Fellowship Program because it allows the Fellows to share ideas with scientists and expose them to fields of biomedical research that aren't their own. Participation at the conference in full is an essential requirement for being accepted for the fellowship.

How to Apply for Helen Hay Whitney Fellowships?

Visit the official website, which is listed at the top. Here are the essential guidelines to follow when making an application for Helen Hay Whitney fellowships to help fund Postdoctoral Research:

  • Be sure to follow the steps carefully before filling out the online application. Click Here.
  • Get the template for your Reference Letter and send it to the four people you want to refer to. Four reference letters you have completed will be sent to (office@hhwf.org). Convert the letter to pdf format. Name the file according to the guidelines for reference letters.
  • Download the application form Application Items 1 - 6. After you have completed it, you can add it to the other items you requested.

It is important to note: Uploading the zip file should be done immediately following an application cover of two pages (it is not advised to upload at a later time).


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